8 Secrets You Can Make This Drum Ease Your Sensory Children Even If You're A Beginner Parent

By Olivia M.

Last Updated Feb 25, 2024

11:1l pm PST

As parents, we always cherish the laughter and smiles of our children. These moments of pure happiness serve as precious reminders of the love and bond we share with our little ones. 

But when they're always sad, crying, even shouting...

It breaks our hearts.

We long for moments of pure joy, free from worry and stress, where we can simply enjoy happy moments together as a family.
That’s why today, 

I’ll share with you a discovery that would make every parent like you deepen your connection with your child, without the need for stress, worries, or cries, and just be in a moment of constant happiness and relaxation.

But First...

Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your child suddenly burst into tears and screamed? I bet you have.

Those occurrences can either be tantrums or meltdowns, and they're common for many children with sensory processing sensitivities, especially those diagnosed with ADHD, and Autism.

It's a scenario that leaves every parent feeling unsure of what to do. Sounds familiar? Honestly, I've been there too.

But that all changed for me once I discovered the solution I'm about to reveal to you today.


Here's how this drum made me feel like I'm the best mom ever and strengthened my emotional connection with my child:

1. Not just a plaything - Awaken. Their Creativity.

This is no ordinary child's toy. While it surely does entertain our little ones, it's also the perfect musical instrument capable of waking the artistic potential within their minds.

Here's an interesting fact...

Studies suggest that sensory kids tend to have even greater creativity. So, as parents,

Why not make an effort to unlock it?

2. Swiftly Soothe Their Anger

How do meltdowns actually happen in sensory kids? Well, that's because our child's brain might be experiencing sensory overload, too much stress, anxiety, or frustration.

We can handle that by helping them calm down. That's where this drum comes in. The sounds it releases are super relaxing and are scientifically proven to heal. 

In science, the tones this drum emits are called therapeutic melodies that are proven to ease not just emotional aspects, but it release stress that copes with anxieties. 

People in the yoga and meditation world often call this melody “Sound Medicine”.

And yes, you've heard it right. The sound the balmy drums emit can actually heal and has been used way back the ancient times.

So it means, we surely can use this drum to put our child at ease whenever they start crying wildly.

3. Supercharge Your Child's Motor Skills

Motor skills are one of the most important early development every parent must focus on. Developing motor skills early is crucial for parents. 
Why? It’s because If we don't pay attention to this, our children might experience physical limitations that we don’t want them to face.

It could result in them not knowing how to write, draw, or even participate in those fun physical activities at school.  So the best thing we could do as a parent is to develop those hands and arms as early as possible.

This drum is a way you can do it creatively. It’s a fun activity that needs hand movements and coordination that develop your little one’s arms even if he’s as young as a 3-year-old.

4. Musical Magic with a Beginner-Friendly Songbook

Passionate about introducing your child to music? Then this is a perfect choice. When I received this drum, it didn't just come in a box.

It arrived with an easy-to-follow-songbook, allowing my kid to discover the world of music and be introduced to what musical fantasy really is.

Just by glancing at it, the book is so user-friendly that they can start playing enchanting melodies without much guidance.

And who knows? Perhaps your child is the next Elvis Presley or Beyoncé in the making

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5. 4 Colors to Match Every Mood, 3 Sizes for Every Style

And if there’s one thing I can be so certain of about this drum, it’s this: our kids will never be bored. When our child is sensory, we must ensure that they are always engaged in activities.

Because boredom can be so frustrating for them, and that is one of the major causes of meltdowns in sensory kids. 

That’s why we need to provide them with not just sound, but also colors. 

That’s the reason why these lovely balmy drums aren’t fixed to a single color. We can choose 4 different colors, available in 3 different sizes. 

And yes, the larger the drum, the more melody our children can make. 

6. An Instrument Not Easily Destroyed

This drum is also not the typical easy-to-destroy toy. It’s a handcrafted instrument designed to withstand even the most energetic playtimes. 

I get it, sensory kids can sometimes be in a state of excessive energy. Especially with kids diagnosed with ADHD, it’s called hyperactivity, often characterized by restless behavior and aggressiveness. 

And no, this toy can’t be a victim of that. Raging ‘Hulk Mode’ of your child would not be a thing here. 
They are made with durability that we don’t need to worry if our children might break them if they are too energetic sometimes.

7. Let Your Child Jam Anywhere, Anytime

One of the things that I truly love about this drum is it doesn’t prevent my child from playing it anywhere. Why? That’s because of this easy-to-carry handbag. 

“Mom? Can I play this drum at my friend's house?” 

“Ma? Can I bring this to school?” 

Sure! Why not? With a bag that allows my kids to play anywhere, I’m worry-free that they might lose them or the drum gets misplaced. 

And since this is a hanging bag, I don’t need to think too much about where to put them in their room. I simply need to hang it!

8. The Perfect Toy to Occupy Your Child’s Attention

As I mentioned before, it's important to keep kids with sensory issues busy. Let me tell you an amazing story of what happened to my child with this Balmy Drum:

I noticed that whenever I didn't give him something to play with, that’s when meltdown often happens. 

He’d suddenly start crying and shouting. I didn't understand why at first. But when I talked to a therapist, I learned that sensory kids can't handle being bored. 

It was like a lightbulb sparked in my head! It made me understand why random meltdowns happen. 

So, I started looking for toys. I tried everything – fidget spinners, stress balls, vibrating toys – but nothing seemed to interest him. Every time I bought something new, he ignored it completely. And it was frustrating!

But then, I found this drum. The first time he played it, it was amazing how calming it sounded! And guess what? It made him smile!

Unlike any other instruments, such as guitars, pianos, or violins that are terribly hard to master, this drum is the easiest to play with. Within a week, he got really good at it.
Right now, it's not just a toy that makes soothing sounds for him, it's evolved into a newfound musical passion he can't get enough of.

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