8 Secrets You Can Make This Drum Ease Your Sensory Children Even If You're A Beginner Parent

1. Not just a plaything - Awaken. Their Creativity.

This is no ordinary child's toy. While it surely does entertain our little ones, it's also the perfect musical instrument capable of waking the artistic potential within their minds. Here's an interesting fact: Studies suggest that sensory kids tend to have even greater creativity. So, as parents, Why not make an effort to unlock it?

2. Swiftly Soothe Their Anger

Meltdowns in sensory kids can be overwhelming due to sensory overload, stress, anxiety, or frustration. To help them calm down, this drum is what we’ll need. Its soothing sounds are scientifically proven to have healing effects. With the Balmy Drum, we can swiftly soothe our children whenever they have meltdowns.

3. Supercharge Your Child's Motor Skills

Developing motor skills is vital for our children's early growth, something we as parents should prioritize. Neglecting these skills could limit their ability to write, draw, or enjoy physical activities. That's why it's important to focus on developing their hands and arms early on. The Balmy Drum offers a creative and enjoyable way to do that, we can develop their hand movements and coordination from as young as 3 years old.

4. Musical Magic with a Beginner-Friendly Songbook

If you're excited to get your child into music, this drum is the best way. When it arrived, it didn't just come in a box—it also had an easy-to-follow songbook. This let my little one explore music and discover the magic of musical imagination. The book is so user-friendly that they could start playing beautiful melodies right away. Who knows? Your child might have the talent to be the next Elvis Presley or Beyoncé!

Bring the Relaxation in Your Home

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5. 4 Colors to Match Every Mood, 3 Sizes for Every Style

With this drum, one thing is certain: our kids will never be bored. For sensory children, staying engaged is crucial. Boredom can be frustrating and a major trigger for meltdowns. That's why these Balmy Drums come in 4 different colors and 3 sizes. We can provide not just sound but also vibrant colors to keep them stimulated. Plus, the larger the drum, the more melodies our children can create!

6. An Instrument Not Easily Destroyed

This drum isn't like the usual easily breakable toys. It's a strong, handcrafted instrument built to last through lively playtimes. For sensory kids, particularly those with ADHD and hyperactivity, this durability is very important. You won't have to worry about 'Hulk Mode' wreaking havoc on this toy. It’s handcrafted which ensures you that even during their most active moments, it stands strong.

7. Let Your Child Jam Anywhere, Anytime

Mom? Can I play this drum at my friend's house? Ma? Can I bring this to school? Sure! Why not? With an easy-to-carry bag, I’m worry-free that they might lose them or the drum gets misplaced. And since this is a hanging bag, I don’t need to think too much about where to put them in their room. I simply need to hang it!

8. The Perfect Toy to Occupy Your Child’s Attention

Keeping them busy is very important. I noticed that when I didn't have something for him to play with, meltdowns often followed. He'd suddenly burst into tears and become upset. So, I started searching for toys. I tried everything - fidget spinners, stress balls, vibrating toys - but nothing caught his interest. Then, I found the Balmy Drum, that’s how we found his new musical passion.

Bring the Relaxation in Your Home

Limited Stocks Available