How To Play

To fully enjoy the drum you've purchased for yourself and your family, you can review the important steps listed below that we've compiled for your convenience.

First Step: Preparing Drum

Before beginning to play, it's important to prepare your drum correctly. As demonstrated in the instructions above, first flip the drum upside down; this orientation is key to achieving the desired sound. Next, carefully remove the plug from the drum. 

This simple adjustment allows the drum to produce a more efficient and resonant sound, enhancing your musical experience.

Second Step: Hitting Notes

Grasp the drumsticks as demonstrated in the provided image. When you play the drum, make sure to strike primarily at its center. This technique is crucial for producing a clear and quality sound. Initially, if you hit the drum near its edges, as shown at the start of the instructions, you'll notice the sound is off-key and unpleasant. 

To enhance your playing experience, consistently aim for the central part of the tongue, as indicated in the final part of the video.

Third Step: Fingerpicks

You can also use fingerpicks instead of drumsticks for a different experience, although this is optional. Attach the fingerpicks to the thumb and index finger of each hand, using a total of four fingerpicks to play the drum.

When doing this, it's equally important to strike at the center of the tongue for the best sound quality.

Fourth Step: Books

There's no need to search for songs from other sources to enjoy your drum. You can play the popular songs included in the books with the drum we've gifted you. Our book also provides support through music and video tutorials for these songs. 

For access to more books, feel free to explore the e-books available on our website.


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