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Extra Handmade Bamboo Tuned Wind Chimes

Extra Handmade Bamboo Tuned Wind Chimes

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Extra Handmade Bamboo Tuned Wind Chimes

Extra Handmade Bamboo Tuned Wind Chimes

Regular price $59.95
Regular price $59.95 Sale price $119.90
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Wind poem and wind chime are not only decorations, but also musical instruments. With even a little wind, it will sound it will sound the melody of the sereneness.


When the clear wind in front of the window rings, what kind of mood it is! People who like to hang up wind chimes, do you know what it means?
Water (or Aqua) is the deepest and the most emotional of the elements. This feeling of depth and nurturing care is captured exquisitely in this Chime.

Air (or Aria) is regarded as the purest of the elements. Connect with the aether residing in the atmospheres of our planet with this lively Chime.

Fire (or Ignis) is the element representing warmth and passion. Bold and sparkling, this Chime awakens and connects the listener to the hottest worldly element.

Earth (or Terra) is associated with all that is wise, rational, and tangible. This  Chime represents these concepts with a slow organic sound interspersed with rich, fertile tones. 

According to the theory of music harmony and exquisite craftsmanship, the four seasons series of wind poem and wind chime return to nature and create the sound of nature.
[safety] since ancient times, people have used wind chimes to change the magnetic field of the environment and space, and they think that wind chimes can bring good luck and also symbolize good luck. Hope to have a pure and happy heart like the wind chime to pray for a happy and safe day.
[meditation] wind chime is one of the pure and elegant sounds of Buddhism's performing smooth magic. The "Ding Ding Dong" is to address the Buddhist principles of "bitter, empty, impermanent and selfless". It achieves the purpose of meditation and nourishing nature with the sound of "wind blowing jade vibration".
[missing] think of you, the wind blows the bell's heart, awakens each other's telepathy, listens to his (her) heartbeat when they can't get together.
Features: The Wind Song bamboo chime is an authentic musical instrument, an original creation of high quality. Four chords are welded with silver into the metal plate at the base of the resonance tube.
Move the chime gently holding it by its cord, the crystalline relaxing sound may leave you in quiet wonder. Suspended, it will play with the wind and carry you away in an unexpected melody. Bathing you in enduring harmonys every time the wind blows, enjoy peaceful melodies that play as a whisper in the wind.
The sound of the chimes is most wonderful for children. But for security reasons they should be kept out of reach of children under three years old. The Wind Song chimes work best for outdoors use, for patio, balcony, garden, church or home decor, also suit for zen meditation and daily relaxation.
It is an excellent gift of housewarming, wedding, anniversary or birthday for friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues, etc. Comes with a soft cloth bag, convenient to store and carry around when you go out for traveling.
Chord: Earth - Air - Fire - Water Styles
Item Size: 15 inch / 2.8in
Item Weight: 155g/ 5.5oz
Package Included:
1 * Wind Chime
1* Clothing bag
1* Chime Stand 

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